Pictures of the underground cave facility hydroponically cultivating marijuana

In the state of Tennessee in the United States an investigator discovers an underground cave facility that hydroponically cultivates marijuana, and a shudder is running on the real situation of its unprecedented full-fledged cultivation equipment. It looks like a monochrome made by a secret organization in the movie. It is said that such things exist ... ....

Because the appearance is an ordinary house, there is a cave part where it is thought that it was made by hollowing rock etc. in the basement, furthermore there is a full-fledged facility of hydroponic cultivation in it, the organization Because it is a substitute that shows seriousness. As expected, there are not so many examples of modern facilities so far, and it seems that shocks are running to all concerned parties.

In this cultivation facility there was a residential area properly, equipment for adjusting a simple washroom and light quantity was also equipped, and even emergency evacuation ports disguised as rocks were provided.

So, let's take a look at the picture of this amazing marijuana growing facility.
On Marijuana | The Great Tennessee Marijuana Cave

The appearance is an ordinary house

However, when opening a heavy door in the basement ... ...

Equipment for hydroponic cultivation of marijuana appears. There are roughly 500 stocks of marijuana. How much is the terminal price ... ?.

And in the back is a mysterious ladder ......

As I go up ...

An exit that disguised as a rock!

After all, the three people cultivated inside were arrested, but the ringleader seems to be fleeing.

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