"Yoga Undressed" series that shows beautiful naked girls to make them easy to understand yoga movement

More freely, moreMindfulnessTo practice yoga by firmly feeling the movement of the body, it is advocated that yoga is carried out naked at nakednessYoga Undressed"is. Since there is nothing to cover the body, movies are easy to understand and easy-to-understand movies are being released as to what complicated poses are.

Yoga Undressed Trailer on Vimeo

Beginning with a pose of palms with a zazen together ... ...

A woman who twists her body.

Lower the upper body ... ...

Rolling back and posing.

The camera captures poses from various angles, so you can see how the movement is until the pose is completed.

Roll around the top from the waist while sitting.

It seems that the muscles around the pelvis are loosened.

Also the pose which three people hand in hand.

This is a legged pose that connects two people together.

Pause to draw a bow.

This time the pose collaboration began. A long-haired woman is taking a pose of a spectacular ... ...

Another bridge with one foot lifted.

Pause of fireflies such as fireflies pose that supports the whole body weight with only the arm, will continue, so it seems not for beginners.

To the cradle's pose ......

The appearance of a body that is tightened like a plaster image, such as a pose of standing on one foot, is also useful for drawing.

Raise your lower body down to the air while you are lying face down ......

A grasshopper 's pose.

It is a level that is too serious and no good reference.

Jump up lightly ......

Go forward without never attaching your feet to the ground.

I keep it like this.

Torsion pose.

Uttana Pada Asana which is good for stretching of the neck and elongation of the ribs.

The pace is increasingly difficult and developing ... ...

At the end, I did not understand anything whatsoever.

The official website can be confirmed from the following. Yoga Undressed has five types of DVDs for beginners, intermediate users, advanced users, multipersoners, and collections sold and can be purchased and downloaded from the website.

Yoga Undressed -Celebrate the Body In Its Most Sacred Form - Yoga Undressed - Nake Hatha and Kundalini Practice

Also, movies are released on YouTube.

Naked Yoga - Yoga Undressed: The Goddess Series Trailer - YouTube

The following is the main part of a course for intermediate level. Although commentary in English, you can see a lecture of yoga pose for about 40 minutes.

Yoga Undressed - Intermediate - Full video - YouTube

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