Shocking movie running Android on iPhone

Before,Movie running Windows 95 on iPhoneAlthough it introduced, a shocking movie which is running Android on the iPhone has been released this time. In this movie, iPhone OS and Android originally installed are dual booted, and it is structured to choose which OS to start up when turning on the power.

On Android side, you can also browse the Internet using Wi - Fi and talk using Skype, you can see what kind of action actually is done.

Details are from the following.
YouTube - Android running on iPhone

It looks like an ordinary iPhone.

It does not appear that there are particularly unusual applications.

However, turning off the power and turning it off ... ....

"Open iBootThe dual boot screen called "Dual Boot Screen" is displayed. The top apple icon is iPhoenOS, the bottom round icon is Android. Select with the power button and select which OS to start with the Home button.

When Android is selected, English screen is displayed.

The Android logo was displayed.

Android launched successfully.

It is also possible to watch the Internet using Wi-Fi.

You can also type characters properly.

Music reproduction seems to be possible without problems.

You can also make a call with Skype.

It seems to have uploaded it to other video sites, but it seems that most of them have been erased, perhaps the time may be erased from YouTube.

You can download prototypes of software that moves Android on the iPhone from blogs uploading this movie, but there is no guarantee that it will work normally, so be careful.

Linux on the iPhone

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