It seems as if it is sinking, a nuisance sailboat

It seems that there are almost annoying yachts that seems to be almost sinking, and that there is not such a thing in fact. If a person who does not know the circumstances sees this, "Although the yacht is about to sink, but the rider does not care about it at all! What's going on ?!" It seems to be in a hurry, but such a reaction I guess it's a thoughtful point of ... ....

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I found something sinking in the ocean.

When approaching, the yacht has sunk to half and it is in a dangerous state .... However, people who seem to be odd are calm. Something is wrong.

A state of exhibition on land. It was a yacht designed to sink from the beginning.

I'm lifting a yacht and carrying it. I only see it as an unfinished state ... ....

I am staying at a yacht harbor. Obviously it is floating compared to other yachts.

Shake hands toward the land and leave the port. Some people may feel a sense of incompatibility with sight which is sinking but waving their hands cheerfully.

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What on earth made a yacht of this kind of design for?

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