Thermal image of Saturn's moon "Mimasu" that looks just like Pac-Man

Saturn's satelliteMimasuSpeaking of, a huge crater "HerschelThat figure that is distinctiveDeath StarAs it is similar to Star Wars fans, it may be famous, but from now on it may become a popular celestial body even among retro games.

NASA's Saturn probeCassiniMimas Surface Shot Recently ByThermal image(Heat distribution map)Cookie-like thingsIt is becoming a topic that it looks exactly like Pac-Man who eats.

Details are as below.Saturn moon looks like Pac-Man in NASA thermal images | Mail Online

Mimasu about 400 km in diameter, about one-ninth of the earth's moon. It is the twentieth size in the solar system satellite, but it is the smallest one among the celestial bodies known so far that can be thought of as spherically shaped due to its own weight. Depending on the angle, it looks exactly like Death Star, but Mimas 'huge crater "Herschel" was discovered three years after Star Wars' first work was produced, so Death Star models Mimasu It does not seem to have been.

The thermal image of this Mimasu is here. The astronomers who took away their leisure time did not do graffiti of Pac Man over the photograph of Mimas but analyzed the infrared radiation radiated from the surface of Mimasu and showed the heat distribution, but it is Pac-Man who looks at anything. Not only does Herschel look like cookies, but there are also craters at eye positions.

As you compare you will find that they are very similar. Nature sometimes shows mysterious things ... ....

NASA scientists said that due to the difference in texture of the surface material of Mimas, there is a difference in heat storage properties, which is considered to be such a distribution of surface temperature.

By the way, Saturn has 62 satellites with orbits confirmed, the largest satelliteTitanIt is about 5150 km in diameter, it seems to be bigger than Mercury. Incidentally,CassiniIt is recently announced that the Saturn exploration program by the year 2017 will be extended.

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