Video review on KDDI's new Android phone "IS01"

Following our photo review, here's some videos of KDDI's first Android phone "IS01". Of course you can use it in voice communication, but we'd rather call it a "PDA", with a typable QWERTY keyboard and neatly designed micro trackball. In fact it's one of the greatest palmtop computer among many products in manufacturer SHARP's history. The product shown in videos are Beta version so actual products delivered will be much smoother in its operation.

Read on for detail.

KDDI's high-end Android phone "ISO1"

Voice communication method No.1; Using Bluetooth headset. Any commercial Bluetooth headset with proper profile will do.

And method No. 2; Using an internal microphone and a speaker, just like you do on an ordinary clamshell cellphone. Normally these mic and speaker are used on camera chat, combined with webcam placed on its display panel.

The hole on the top-right end of the LCD is the lens of the 0.43Mpix camera.

So here's the video introducing IS01's interface. Its icons and skins are exclusively deveoped for piquant operation.
YouTube - Hands-on at au's first Android smartphone "IS01"

Running Google Map application on IS01.
YouTube - Running Google Map on au's first Android smartphone "IS01"

Google Streetview does run smoothly, with 1GHz Snapdragon CPU.
YouTube - Running Google Streetview on au's first Android smartphone "IS01"

In addition to robust QWERTY keyboard, especially the greatest point of this lovely gadget is this tiny trackball.
YouTube - Rolling IS01's trackball

The device supports multi-touch screen.
YouTube - Testing multi-touch display on IS01

Shooting with built-in camera.
YouTube - Shooting with IS01's camera

Using Sekai Camera application.
YouTube - Posting a comment with Sekai Camera application

You can also save the image data of Sekai Camera.
YouTube - Saving images on Sekai Camera with IS01

KDDI clearly intends users to carry this IS01 along with other compact handsets. It's too big to smoothly put in and out of your pocket like other smartphones such as iPhone and Nexus One.

But its strong CPU, big display, practical keyboard and trackball does makes this adoreble device one of the masterpiece of these kind of clamshell PDA starting from Hewlette-Packard's 200 LX.

Here's the official site of the device.

IS series

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