Photographs taken from just over the interior of prison and brothels, pictures of the room's story come in various

I think that there are many people who saw the plan of the house or the owner's room, so-called "floor plan" when looking for a room etc, but I think that the room actually living in is furnished with furniture just above There may be few people who have seen it from rarely.

A German photographer photographed from an angle directly above a prison cell and a brothel with no chance to see for ordinary people without having the opportunity to see it easilyJuergen ChillI will introduce Mr.'s work. It is a photograph that captures an uninhabited room with a calm and objective viewpoint that seems incomprehensible but imagines a person who lives in the room and acts performed in that room, the story that the room has Is not it?

Details are as below.

Mr. Juergen Chill in 1968Essenbirth. He won the 2007 European Architectural Photography Award in the series "zellen" which photographed the solitary prison cell in various parts of Germany.

"ZellenFrom 2006 - 2007).

The bed cover is a built-in blue one, but is a flat screen TV set for myself? You can see things of CRT at the lower right. Orange T letter razor is seen in other photos, so it seems to be selling or distributed in prison.

Residents in this room have very good things. The wall is also full of posters.

OCDA familiar room that looks familiar.

Room where almost no personal items are found. If you look carefully, lighters and dusts etc are left on the shelf and floor, so it seems that it is not a clearing maker. Is it a long day that I have entered?

A cell of a type that does not have a toilet or sink.

It is gathered up in a homely and cozy atmosphere. It may be a facility like a lighter rehabilitation facility than a prison, or a room close to the end of sentences.

I shot a private room of a brothelBordelleFrom the series (2008 - 2009).

A room with various tools prepared.

There are many rooms in which wallpaper etc is originally decorated in red and rooms incorporating red with bedspreads and curtains etc.

An elongated room. Many private rooms seem to be equipped with washbasins.

Room where arranged stuffed animals etc and gathered up in a lovely atmosphere.

This is rare, room with less red. Although it feels a bit stern view, the poster is like a brothel.

In addition to this, Juergen Chill's work can be seen from the following site.

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