Some ridiculous form of chandelier that makes me feel embarrassed

I think that the room where the chandelier is suspended has an image that it is gorgeous and elegant, but if you see that this chandelier is hung, you probably have to be perplexed.

Details are below.
Rock and Royal - Home

I feel that it has an organic shape somehow.

"Dick"This rock and Royal company based in the Netherlands produced this chandelier. Although it is still a young company because it is founded in 2005, it seems that he is handling such a custom-made chandelier all over the world.

A lion motif often seen in the European coat of arms

globe. May be surprisingly ant as chandelier design

Repeated umbrella with different sizes is beautiful.

skull. Rock feeling

The strongest pilot,Hans Ullrich RudelFamous as a love machineStucaDive bomber.

We are also working on various other works, you can see from the following.

Rock and Royal - Impressions

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