SNS who solicited the lie, "Mr. XX of a friend is waiting for you!" Decided to make compensation of about 900 million yen

Starting with mixi and GREE, popularity in Japan caught fire in around 2004Social networking service. It is an open source engineOpenPNEThere are also developments such as now, there are as many SNS sites as the number of stars, competition is intensifying, so the commercial SNS site attracts users by all means and encloses users.

In such circumstances, send a message saying "Your classmate, Mr. XX is looking for your profile!" To a free user who can not see "Foot" (visit history to your profile), I regret it When I tried it, a settlement plan that the SNS site that made a furious advertisement saying that nobody was looking for himself is compensating for a total of 9.5 million dollars (about 850 million yen) It has become clear that we will accept.

Details are below.
Lonely Users Get $ 9.5 M in Lawsuit | Epicenter |

In November 2008, Anthony Michaels who was a free member paid a subscription fee of $ 15 (about 1400 yen) and became a paid member and saw the visit history to his / her profile, whereas other classmates and old acquaintances I was looking for my profile, I could not find any traces at all, so I fought a lawsuit.

It was sued by the American who aimed to exchange Registration begins with choosing the name of the school that I graduated.

Join - Find High School Friends, Plan Reunions. denies that it was a false advertisement, but for 3,160,000 members who became paid members by looking at such mails and advertisements, three dollars (about 270 yen) per person, We accepted a settlement plan to compensate for a total of 9.5 million dollars (about 180 yen) such as cashback or future membership fee of 2 dollars (about 180 yen). In addition, we also agreed to open a "guest book" function (so-called "after foot") to free members, and we are currently awaiting judge's approval at the federal court in Seattle. is the most profitable SNS, according to the managing United Online, which has 5 million paid members and said that profits of $ 60 million (about 5.4 billion yen) are coming out. However, competition with other leading SNS such as Facebook recently intensified. We changed big policy, such as changing privacy policy and publishing more user profile to the outside.

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