Spring is a season of encounters and parting, "Reasons for Friends to Decline" will be released

The end of winter is coming to an end, the arrival of fresh spring-budding spring is approaching, but spring is also a season of separation from encounter, such as graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony.

And at the portal site "goo" operated by NTT Resonant, "spotted" on "farewell" spotted "Reason why friends decrease"Has been released. It is very lonely to lose friends, but for what reason is the top rank?

Details are as below.
Reason why friends decrease - Ranking ranking - goo ranking

According to a survey of reasons why friends are decreasing, "goo ranking" conducted questionnaire survey on various contents, it seems that the most frequent reason is that "holidays no longer fit". Second place is "work has become busy", both of which are related to work.

And about the private life about the 3rd place "married" and 4th "child is made" are the contents of private life. The top ten is as follows.

First place. The holidays no longer fit

Second place, work has become busy

3rd place Married

Fourth place, I got my kids

5th place. My sense of money no longer matches

6th place Lover made

7th place I moved

8th place. I was relocated.

9th place I transferred

I ranked No. 10. I became a member of society

Those originating from the relationship with the direct friends are only the fifth place "no sense of money matched", and others are due to changes in the environment due to work, private life, relocation, transfer, and moving Considering that, friendship seems to be influenced by the environment surrounding me more than I thought.

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