I tried to eat what is different from ordinary bean sprouts, "peanut bean sprouts" whose moyashi child's definition is likely to change

Speaking of moyashiko is a fairly thin, thin and weak person, but it is a strong spicy bean sprouts that spoil its definition from the root, it is "Peanut bean sprouts"is. I have not seen it at least in the neighborhood supermarket of the editorial department.

This peanut bean sprout has been used as a friend of a poor wallet, and as another great vegetable as well as a variety of kitchen circumstances that has made a big success in the classic standard vegetables that has further enhanced the sprout of that hyorohhyoro It is a silo monochrome that it is becoming much thicker than the thicker green bean sprouts etc. than ordinary bean sprouts. As its name suggests, it is a bean sprout growing from peanuts, and when you look at it, "What kind of bean sprouts do you think that perspective is crazy?"

That's why I tried it out whether it was actually tasty or not.
Make Peanut Bean sprouts!

This is "peanut bean sprout".

It seems that it is lined up like this at stores and others. Sprout means "sprout". One pack is about 100 yen. It is high as sprouts.

Big, and big. Also, it is long.

What it says, the aura close to radish rather than bean sprouts.

The weight is 2 to 5 grams, the length is 5 to 20 cm, the diameter is 3 to 6 mm, the stem is brownish white, the part of beans is creamy brown type and feel like "ghost bean sprout".

Kimchi taste peanut sprouts and sweet and sour pork peanut sprouts. Incidentally, when it comes to tempura it appears that the scent of peanut comes out and it is very delicious.

Kimchi taste is pretty tasty.

It is obviously thicker than ordinary Kimchi bean sprouts. As a taste, it has a strong taste of sprouts, not as peanuts as I expected, rather than peanuts, it is an atmosphere called "true · sprout". I collected about 10 bean sprouts and gathered them together, it became King's bean sprouts.

Personally I'm very concerned what happens when I am tempura.

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