"True tears" Image quality of BD-BOX is not 1080p, 1080i, Bandai visual apologizes with spec error misprint

It was selected in "the first bulletinization project (animation version)" by your power, which was held in August 2009,Blue-ray boxing decideddid"True tears". It is safe in January 2010Reservation deposit exceeded 2000 and production decidedThen, the person who purchased was only to wait for the goods to arrive.

However, it is now one month before the release and it is now a misrepresentation of specs, which is the situation where the selling origin Bandai Visual announces apology. I wonder what happened on the BD - BOX of "true tears" anyway.

Details are as below.
Digital beat | Important notice >> "true tears Blu-ray BOX" Specification Incorrect notation and apologies

True tears Blu-ray information

Apparently it was discovered that the specification seems to be different from what was initially announced from around February 22 to 23. Initially, the video specification was described as "16: 9 (1080p High Definition)", but it was later modified to "16: 9 (1080i High Definition) part 16: 9 (1080p High Definition)" .

According to Bandai Visual, 1080p material is included in the video privilege, misunderstanding it as the main story, it was noticed that the mistake of the specification was noticed during the final proceeding work and he made corrections . Originally the main part itself was produced at 1080i, it seems that what was recorded is based on the best HD master.

Below is a summary of the state of the thread just after the specification change is detected. Since Bandai visuals did not make the above announcement yet at this point, there was an opinion that the original production was 1080p but there was a mistake somewhere.

"True tears" Today too will be done Today Resident of BD-BOX is confused by specification change

"1080p" and "1080i" are both one of the video formats of high definition television, "p" indicates that the scanning method is progressive method, and "i" indicates interlacing method. The difference between the progressive method and the interlaced methodAs summarized in Wikipedia, While progressive shows one frame at a time, interlacing displays one frame in 1/2 steps at a time. When I shoot an old television with a video camera, it flickers because I was interlaced on TV, so it does not feel a difference to the extent we see it.

"True tears" DVD sales were not that good, but this is because there were a few fans waiting for the release in high-quality BD, so that from 1080p to 1080i leading to image quality degradation It seems to have responded sensitively to change. Actually it seems that it was 1080i at the time of the original material, so it seems to be able to enjoy the picture with the same picture quality as enjoyed with high vision broadcasting.

Additional notes:
The following site quotes the writing which explains the interlace-specific stripes appearing using the capture of the time broadcasted at BS11.

Shinkansen Yukino's always cool Ikeiki! Blu-ray BOX "true tears" changed to 1080i instead of 1080p

A part of the face of the character of the opening image is cut out. Looking at the outline of the face and the black line under it (clothing line), you can see that it is strangely.

In addition to this, there is also information that stripes appear in the small window section that appears in the opening, and in the latter half it got more strangely trying to fix it.

As a fan, I was hoping that this streak will be resolved because it will be 1080p with this time BD - BOX, but since this is recorded as 1080i (= the same as at the time of broadcasting), this stripe is eliminated It seems like a graphic that you know that you can not do it and say that you do not agree with it. In the thread covered in the above articleScreening event held at the ladderThere was also a story saying that it was cleanly fixed in case of.

Perhaps it seems that things of 1080i will be released as it is, but are they becoming strangely good?

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