Storage goods that can put the Wii remote on the wall "Wall Clip"

"Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers X"Or"Mario Kart WiiAlthough it can be said that Wii is the most suitable game machine for playing with a large number of people, the controller for operating such as the Wii remote control, Nunchaku, Wii handle, Wii zapper etc. inevitably becomes inevitable, in troubled storage place I think there are some people there.

For such a person, there seems to be storage goods for Wii remote control that effectively utilized the wall. This is a superior item that can be used not only for the Wii remote control but also for nunchaku, steering wheel, classic controller, "People who want to put on shelf or floor is disgusting and dislike" or "want to store more efficiently" may be useful I do not.

Details are from the following.
This is the clip "Wall Clip" that makes the Wii remote control and the wall hanging.

10 colors for color variation.

Easy to install with a special screw.

The width of the clip can be easily adjusted by hand.

It actually looks like this when fitting the Wii remote control.

Turning a bit, the classic controller and ...

Controller of Xbox 360,

It can also be used with guitar type controllers used with guitar heroes.

You can also use a handle to use with Mario Kart, if you actually hang it on the wall it will look something like this.

It's also nice to put it on the back of the door.

You can see a movie that explained how to use from the following.
YouTube - Using a Wall Clip: Fitting Controllers

Wall Clip is on the following site, 4 sets are sold at 9 dollars and 95 cents (about 900 yen).

Wall Clip | LABORATORY 424

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