I have eaten 230 g steak "Half Pounder Steak" of JOYFUL that has a wall thickness of 1.5 cm

When I was worrying about what to do with today's dinner, there was a story called "Joiful's new menu seems to start". The new menu is "Half Pounder SteakAs the name suggests, it is half a pound, that is, a big steak with about 230 g. The size of the meat is 10 cm × 20 cm, the thickness seems to be 1.5 cm, and it is a value price of 799 yen including tax with rice. I just went to eat for this, so I went there.

Details are as below.
Family restaurant · Joyful | Menu guide | Beyond common sense of steak! Is it? Half Pounder Steak

Since it is open 24 hours, I arrive at the Joyful Plain Kami store open anytime.

Although it seems that dice steak has become a recommended item because it is called dice fair, the purpose of today is not kore.

Yes, I came to eat half-pounded steak for this period.

I do not know what kind of steak comes out, so to keep in mind I also ordered rib pepper steak.

About 10 minutes to wait, the steak arrived.

I will take this special steak sauce.

However, it is big.

Arrived another one, this is Japanese style.

As you can see from the opposite side the thickness is well understood. It may not be exaggerated to say 1.5 cm.

Rib pepper steak arrived there.

It is normal as seen from the top ... ...

Again the thickness is different ....

I put them side by side. The left is a half pounder.

The difference is clear.

Each one is spent, I will get it.

Just put a knife thick enough, feel different from ordinary steak. It is chewy enough as much as the thickness, and you can bit me plenty saying "I am eating a steak now". However, as the meat is big, the fat is also big, and when you eat late at night, it seems to be a bit sloppy. However, it is great that we can eat this menu at 799 yen though it is with rice. Is not it a pretty nice piece for young men who are hungry and can not be helped?

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