Lounge chair with motif of F1 car that I am immersed in feeling participating in the race

It is a concept design of a lounge chair with an F1 car motif. Although it seems to be bigger than ordinary chairs, it seems necessary to install a certain extent, but when you see the race program on a long time TV or sit down when you play a racing game, you also participate You can soak in the mood and it may get even more exciting.

Details are from the following.
F1 - lounge on the Behance Network

This is the chair which was designed with the image of F1 car "The F1 - lounge chair"

It certainly looks like an F1 car. Base isGlass fiberIt is made of.

Image when people actually sat. Because it is designed to incorporate ergonomics so as to reduce the burden on the body, it is said that it is becoming less fatigued even for a long time TV appreciation.

Looking from the front like this.

The back foot also has a characteristic shape.

There is also a white version.

I feel more calm this way.

Unfortunately "The F1 - lounge chair" is still a prototype at the prototype stage, but it seems that Alexander Christoff who designed it wants to complete it in the near future.

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