I tried challenging Akashi's "Ballikita noodle" whether I really can only eat just one minute

According to the explanation, the new product of Akebosu "Barikita noodles soy sauce bone" "Barikita noodle pork cutlet" (tax 170 yen) uses the newly developed "balicata noodles", how "Hot water 1 minuteIt is possible to eat with a tremendously short waiting time, and as a result, the soup does not get cold, so it seems to be Atsuatsu. "It is delicious in 1 minute!", But I will take a movie to see if it will be in a state that can be eaten in a minute or not and it will be just right without being in a bolivoli state, I will try to verify with a movie I decided to decide.

Details of the movie review are from the following.Akashi Barataka Noodle Tonkotsu: Akashi Foods
Akashi Barataka Noodle Soy Sauce Pork Bone: Akashi Foods

First of all, from "Barikita noodle Tonkotsu". The seasoning oil was sealed on the lid.

How to make is 3 steps. "1 minuteAfter putting in seasoning oil, stir well and it is completed ", but it is wonderfully written, but thinking well is wonderful.

Also on the side of the package, the cooking method was written with a letter with dragon spirits (kanji). Since 1 minute and the waiting time are too short, "Because the noodles will return soon, the soup is hotNotice of "has been added.

321 kcal per meal, suppressed calories as Tonkotsu taste.

Raw material is like this.

The contents before hot water injection. Green onion and brown flesh are prominent.

I prepared an hourglass for 1 minute. This time we will measure the time.

Alright, put hot water.

YouTube - Akashi "Ballikita Noodle Pork Tonkots" Movie Review

The waiting time of 1 minute is almost the same, and it seems that time will pass soon if you do not properly measure it with a kitchen timer etc. There is reliability such as instant noodles that you can eat immediately if you get hungry. Although "Barikita noodles" had little steaming time, I felt not hard texture like baby star ramen, but hardness aimed at. Impression that it is crunchy and hard to grow even if you are eating. The taste was squeezed by the fact that it is Tonkotsu, but it was surprisingly crisp. However, due to its slackness, it was a bit disappointing that the taste was hidden behind the heat and felt like a thin taste in the freshly prepared hot soup.

Next is "Barikita noodles soy sauce pig bones". Here also the liquid soup afterwards stuck on the lid.

The way to make is 3 steps as well as "Barikita Noodle Pork Tonkotsu".

The side notes are also the same. Because there are characters printed in gold, there is a little gorgeous atmosphere.

One meal 295 kcal, low calorie than tonkotsu.

Raw material is like this.

Condition before putting hot water. Brown lumps stand out.

Again, put in the water.

YouTube - Megumi "Ball Titanium Noodle Soy Sauce Pork Bone" Movie Review

It was surprising that I finished it with a marvelous speed of 1 minute here as well. The goodness of crispness of noodles is the same as the tonkotsu, but the special mention is the soup's taste. As for the soy sauce pig bowl, the taste of the soup was solid and I could feel the taste firmly even in the freshly made hot water condition. The flavor of the fried onion is strong, and it is the perfect flavor when you want to eat sticky, personally this was a hit. Because it is "Barikita noodle" which puts hot water back in just one minute, I do not have time, but I want to eat ramen! Is it a perfect product for people who want to finish their meals quickly and in the scene of being a little impatient?

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