A cocktail recipe just like a design book

It's like a cocktail recipe like a design drawing made by a technician.

The fashionable atmosphere like a cocktail with an inorganic feeling is not felt, but it has been simplified and schematized well, so that you can fully understand how to make it with this recipe alone.

Details are from the following.
(PDF file)Engineers-Guide-to-Drinks 11. pdf: flowingdata.com

This is a cocktail recipe like a design drawing.

I think that it is like a system design map, but it does not come to much ping ...

On the right side is a list of sake and juice used for cocktails. It seems tough to memorize more than 40 kinds of drawing ...

In the upper right is a list of making toppings such as lemon slices and steaks and shakes.

Let's see some concrete how it is written. First of all, if you are a tavern who deals with cocktails, you can see "Screwdriver" in most places. It is a vodka-based cocktail. To make it, add 45 ml of vodka and 60 ml of orange juice to a 6 ounce (180 ml) glass and steer (stir).

Then Tequila Sunrise. Tequila 45 ml into the glass,Grenadine syrup22.5 ml, Orange juice put the appropriate amount and steer.

"Martini" which is said to have been named for Italian Martini et Rossi company to make its vermouth popular. Dried drink 45ml, Vermouth 22.5ml into a mixing glass, steer and pour into cocktail glass, afterwards topping green olives.

A cocktail "Long Island · Ice Tea" which looks and tastes closer to black tea flavor without using a drop of tea. Put the shaker in a shaker with a 12 ounce glass (360 ml) of rum 30 ml, vodka 30 ml, tequila 30 ml, dry · jin 30 ml, triple sec (Cointreau) 30 ml, sweet lemon juice 45 ml (lemon and powdered sugar substitutable) Put in a small amount of cola · add lemon slices and prepare.

There are some things different from general recipes, but it may be good to try making various cocktails with reference to this recipe.

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