Mechatro of the threat, when reproducing 'PONG' with the technology of the 1940 's

It was released from Atari in 1972 "PONG"Is a simple thing to beat balls on a black-and-white screen but still remodeled by enthusiasts,Plasma PongThere is also an evolution version incorporating fluid mechanics such as.

However, the fun of the game itself should not change even if hard / soft evolves. Rather than a new technology, rather than the real 'PONG' appearing, what will it be like when you make this game with technology about 30 years ago?

Details are below.

A playable game of Tabletop Pong - Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

So-calledMechatroThis "PONGMECHANIK" of the version "PONG" is the control part, same as the first computerrelayAdopting a CPU made using. All other parts are items that can be made with the technology before the appearance of the so-called "computer".


Operate with joystick.

Sound wood block (wood fish)solenoidTap to output.

As an overall imageplotterIt feels like. Wires are attached to the balls and bars, which can be moved by winding them.

Different parts are used more frequently than "computer games" such as chains for gears.

Relay type calculator of the heart part. In a very early computer, binary calculation was carried out by turning on and off many switches in this way.

This PONG is even more low-tech. Actually playing with balls of pinball rolling, there will be no more realistic games. I would like to think again about "Why do we bother to play games using computers?"

YouTube - Test Driving Tabletop Pong

By meeting a ball of iron with a bar with a kicker, ultra precise physical calculation is realized. However, the score is hand winding type.

Reset is also manual.

By the way, when these games are unearthed from ruins after 100,000 years, which one is judged to be older than the original "PONG"?

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