To the homeless brothers who lived in the cave, a story of inheritance of about 570 billion yen suddenly came in

Brothers who did not have a house and lived in a cave in the outskirts of the town suddenly seemed to be talking about getting the inheritance right of about 570 billion yen. Brothers were abandoned by their mothers when they were very young, but their parents' households are very wealthy, and it is said that their brothers grandmother died this time to obtain inheritance rights. I am surprised that stories such as movies and dramas can happen in reality.

Details are from the following.
Homeless brothers inherit a fortune - Around the World News - Austrian Times Online News - English Newspaper

According to the article, the topic is the capital city of HungaryBudapestZsolt Peladi and his brother Geza Peladi who are homeless at. They said they lived in the cave in the suburbs, and they earn a living by selling waste scraps.

One day, one lawyer appeared in front of Peladi brothers "Since the maternal grandmother (in brother) who is in Germany died, they have the right to inherit £ 4 billion in property (about 570 billion yen) It is said that he told it. In German law it is supposed to distribute property with direct descendants, since the mothers of Peladi brothers have already passed away, the property which the mother was planning to receive will be automatically inherited to Peladi brothers He said that. The Peladi brothers seemed to know that the mother 's house was rich, but the mother had discontinued its relationship with his parents' house, was abandoned the Peladi brotherhood when he was young and went somewhere, so he and his grandmother I heard that he never contacted and did not know that he was rich so far.

This is Peladi brothers Gaza.

It seems that it was very difficult to find Peladi brothers with unknown addresses, but it seems that they managed to pinpoint where they managed by cooperating with local volunteers. Currently, as a legitimate heir, while trying to acquire a document showing a family relationship with a mother and a mother's death certificate, discussions about heritage inheritance will be held with another sister living in the United States in the future Things to say. Brothers Peladi said they are willing to inherit heritage, "If inheritance succeeds, you can finally live a personal life."

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