A chart comparing the cause of death excluding accidents and murder to age, sex, and race type

It is a figure comparing the cause of death, excluding accidentally caught-in forms, such as accidents and homicide, with age, sex, and race type.

I understand that there are differences in the cause of death as the diseases that are prone to change depending on age and sex change, but will such big differences come out depending on race?

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How Will You Die? | GOOD

This is a diagram comparing the causes of death excluding accidents and murder compared to age, sex, and race.

Let's start with a male side.

Every race was "suicide" which was the most common cause of death among 15 to 24 years old. "Heart disease" and "cancer" are ranked in for the second and third place in exchange. Most racial "suicide" is also the No. 1 cause of death from 25 years old to 34 years old, but "HIV" is the top only for black people. Regarding HIV infection by black people, cultures and inadequate health and medical service systems are regarded as problems other than infection by sexual intercourse. Also, it is characteristic that "Neck / American liver only ranks third in" liver disease ".

I will move to "heart disease" or "cancer" instead of "suicide" where the tops of 35 to 44 are overwhelmingly up to 24 years old. "Suicide" will deviate from the top 3 when it is over 45 years old. Instead, "Hypertension" and "Diabetes" are newly ranked in. Also, only a 55-year old white male has "Respiratory Disease" in 3rd place.

Then a woman.

Women also know that there are many deaths of "suicide", "heart disease", "cancer" from the teenager to the early 30s, but rankings are sparse compared to men. It is also characteristic that "HIV" is contained in the No. 1 death cause of 25 to 34 years old like men.

After the age of 35, common results such as "cancer" first place in most age and race and "heart disease" 2nd place will be seen.

Whatever you do, it seems better to be careful not to get serious illness that can kill cancer or heart disease.

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