Application developers reveal that the 4 th generation "new iPhone" is approaching the testing stage

In June of this year, Apple announced the third generation model "iPhone" of its mobile phone series "IPhone 3GSAlthough it announced, application developers clarified that the new iPhone which is the fourth generation which becomes the next model is already approaching the test stage already.

"IPhone 3GS" achieved polishing speed twice as fast as that of the conventional model, and polish was applied to comfort, but what kind of model would the new iPhone model be?

Details are as below.
Apple Starts Field Testing Next Generation iPhone (3, 1) - Mac Rumors

According to the report of "MacRumors" handling information on Apple products, the application for iPhone which guides San Francisco's public transportation guide "IBARTIt is a development maker ofPandavIt seems that it revealed that users who used their own application confirmed that there is a test user of the new iPhone as well as a user who has idiot.

The use of "iBART", which seems to be caused by the test user of the new iPhone, was confirmed for the first time in November, the identifier of the terminal confirmed from the access log is "iPhone 3, 1", the identifier is " IPhone 2, 1 "and" iPhone 3GS "and did not match the existing iPhone series including the series.

By the way, the latest version of iPhone OS at the moment is "IPhone OS 3.1.2"Although it is, iPhone's identifier such as" iPhone 3, 1 "and" iPhone 2, 1 "and OS numbering seems to have no particular relation.

Similar cases have been said to have been in the past, and in October 2008, 8 months before Apple released iPhone 3GS, Apple released its iPhone 3GS identifier in iPhone 3GS near San Francisco, where Apple headquarters is located , 1 "has been confirmed intensively, it is clarified by the following link.

A Few More Details about 'iPhone 2, 1' - Mac Rumors

Also, although it is information on the specifications of the new iPhone you are interested in, most of it is not clear, it seems that rumors that the multicore processor which greatly improves the performance are installed only has flowed at an early stage.

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