The possibility of a new influenza also occurred in a mysterious influenza that destroys the lungs in Ukraine

First infection case in Japan was officially confirmed in early May this yearAlthough it is "H1N1 influenza A (H1N1)", it became clear that in Ukraine, a type of flu that destroys the lung is different from H1N1 type.

The number of infected people has already exceeded 1.4 million, the symptoms occurred in 1918, 600 million infected people, which is about 30% of the world population at that time, and 50 million people who died of enormous deaths who are said to be 50 million "Spanish coldIt is similar to that.

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Ukraine Black Lung Epidemic Kills 12 In A Single Day

According to this article, infectious diseases that seems to be a new type of influenza are now occurring in Ukraine. As of 18 November already infected people in Ukraine exceeded 1.45 million people, as of 18 November there were 328 deaths, and in the last 24 hours 12 people died It is.

Total Destruction of Lungs in Ukraine Fatal H1N1 Cases

Although it is a symptom of an influenza that is worrisome, it seems to be that it finally destroys the lung after passing over 38 degrees Celsius, cough, respiratory disorder, a lot of bleeding from the lung and so on.

The patient has been brought to the hospital with severe symptoms on average 3 to 7 days after onset, and the period from the worsening of the disease condition to the death is on average 4 to 7 days after onset about.

Has The H1 N 1 Swine Flu Virus Mutated To Become More Like The 1918 Spanish Flu? Dying Patients In Ukraine Are Experiencing The Total Destruction Of Their Lungs | Bird Flu Pandemic

Incidentally, this influenza is said to resemble "Spanish cold" which occurred in 1918 in that it gives respiratory problems and great damage to the lungs.

Also, Dr. Donald Lau, an expert on epidemic diseases, revealed that the possibility that this influenza virus and the H1N1 virus now widespread globally are the same is very low.

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