"Dorikomu blog" finally finished, the user will shift to livedoor with "one transition button"

Boasting 230,000 membership "Dorikomu blogIt is clear that the service will be terminated at the end of March 2010.

Preliminary transition period and general transition period are prepared, and the migration destination is "3 million members"Livedoor Blog"Is specified, and how"One-shot transition buttonIt is prepared that things like "is prepared.

Details are as below.
Notice Concerning Business Transfer of Free Daily Blog Service "Dorikomu Blog" - Dorikomu Inc.

Livedoor Blog Development diary: For everyone using DRIJ.com blog (Information on "One shot transition button")

According to this, the schedule is as follows.

October 26, 2009 Notice of Business Transfer
November 19, 2009 - January 2010 Preceding transition period (A)
February - March 2010 General transition period (B)
End of March 2010 Dorikomu blog end

Two types of migration methods are prepared. First, in the "Prior transition period", a button to move to "livedoor Blog" will be set up in the DRIJ.com blog management screen. And during the general transition period, we will provide export function that can further back up data. In other words, until January 2010 it is possible to smoothly transition to livedoor, and from February 2010 to the end of March you can also move to other blogs.

Although it has nothing to do with this matter, it is one of the companies like the child of the venture company listing bubble for a while when speaking of Dorikomu, and the following problems regarding the listing of these venture companies in the past It was pointed out.

Life is beautiful: Alchemy in the 21st century: How to earn money with the Web 2.0 bubble

4. Now that the preparation is completed, at this point the brokerage brokerage company told "Since there are amazing companies in the Web 2.0 venture, can you help me listing?" If you are a securities company with a greedy crust, you can catch easily.

5. At the same time, we will hire a marketing consultant for this venture company, and the company itself and the president will be celebrated as "the star of the Web 2.0 age". I will use the budget without missing it and take it to the place where articles are surrounded by the newspaper such as Asahi, Nikkei, etc. anyhow.

6. And listed on Mothers or Hercules. Set the present value of the company about 80 times the profit (8 billion yen if the profit was 100 million yen) and raise funds of about 2 to 3 billion yen. Before listing, re-marketing is done again to popularize, bring it so that the initial price blows up to a ridiculous price of about PER 200, and sells the stock it has at a stretch. If things are carried as expected, capital gains of nearly 2 billion yen can be obtained at this point.

7. As a by-product, the Web 2.0 service that we have built remains, but if users are gathered well, it will be sold to Yahoo Japan entirely (I want the number of users x thousand yen), otherwise I will shut down early .

Similarly for Dorikomu, it is written at the community site for Kyoto University students as follows.

Kyoto-u.com> Discussion Room> Discussion> Doubt of suspicion

1. A 2006/02/05 (Sunday) 22: 02: 43

Driccom listed on TSE Mothers on 2/9, President is Kei University graduate.
Even though its sales are 200 million, the market capitalization is 15 billion at the stage of public offering.
Set the stock certificated at 1,500 yen a year ago to 760,000.
An eerie relationship that the other party that scattered it accounts for a majority of sales.
The president is 10,000 shares holder, the market price is 10 billion yen.
Listed for selling goals anyway.
Because it seems to be a big problem,

In addition, in 2007 there was also the following flame uproaring on the Dorikomu blog this time.

A story that makes me think about the way advertisement in so-called CGM thinks ~ Dorikomu Ikemi: mediologic.com/weblog

POLAR BEAR BLOG: I think it's on the flames of the DRIJ.com blog.

In 2008 of the following year various controversies were raised about the advertisement system developed by Doricom.

Rikaku made by Rakuten and Livedoor Behavioral targeting advertising used by advertisement

Where is behavioral targeting advertising allowed? Internet - Latest news: IT-PLUS

If you think about it now, it may be that the relationship with Livedoor started at this time ... ....

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