A graph that shows how Amazon gained a profit since 1995

ByEdwin Irwanto

Easily buy what you want cheaply Amazon is a convenient service, but since its founding in 1995, it has been summarized with graphs what kind of management means have provided goods at low prices while profitable .

Amazon's profits - Benedict Evans

If you look at this graph, you can see that net earnings are rarely seen, while income has risen steadily since Amazon was founded in 1995.

Even with free cash flow for 12 months, although it seems that profits are not rising when looking at the blue line graph, since at the end of 2012 Amazon is purchasing a headquarter building of 1.4 billion yen in bulk at the end of 2012, it is almost zero It is. However, Orange's line graph excluding capital expenditure has steadily risen to the right.

Amazon 's management method first makes rough forecasts and deprives market share. Then switch the switch on as if the palm was returned, raise the price, cut capital expenditures and regain investment, and such management meansPongee schemeThe writer of the blog says it is a type of investment fraud called " Also, in the graph showing the revenue by category by Amazon report, you can see that Amazon's business gets big income not only from online shopping but also from completely different industries and markets such as miscellaneous goods and media.

Revenue on the surface is manipulated and appears to be zero, but Amazon reports are all published after reinvestment. In fact it has been growing enormously profitable, and it is a huge enterprise that threatens existing services. Even the parts that I know now are not telling the whole thing, the whole picture is in the mist. Amazon 's management method that carries out new business all over the world can be applied even if the industry and market are different. "Incorporate capital into new distribution system","Artificial low price","Prevent entry of new business"do it,"Offset the interests of existing companies"about it. AmazonGeneral ElectricWhen,MarxismI am reminded that this blog writer said that using it as an informative service has anxiety that it is difficult to understand outside even if something happens.


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