No Gas, No Hydrogen, No Electricity! The Uber-Green Way is the "Choro-Q" Way!

Themed on "Fun Driving for Us, Eco Driving for Earth", there are tons of electric-cars and hybrids and other impressive green technologies on display at Tokyo Motor Show 2009.

The Katsushika-based toy company Takara Tomy has brought green-driving to the next level with their "Jitsubutu-dai Choro-Q (Life-Sized Penny Racer)", the pullback toy car big enough to seat an actual person. And it actually runs!

Read on for details and pics.
(Japanese)The 41st Tokyo Motor Show- Takara Tomy
Choro-Q's booth.

Designed by famous Japanese singer/comedian/car-maniac George Tokoro. He calls this Choro-Q an "Extreme ECO Car of the Future".

An autographed picture of George Tokoro was on display.

Next to the picture was the "Jitsubutsu-dai Choro-Q".

Toy Choro-Q and the life-sized Choro-Q.

They say the development took three months. How fast and how far can it run? Can it turn? Will it be a one-way ticket?

A Tokyo Motor Show-limited model Choro-Q will be on sale.

Also designed by George Tokoro.

It's a one-seater convertible.

The penny racer is named PON-ICHI.

Choro-Q is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. The life-sized Choro-Q can actually run according to the boothperson, but unfortunately there was no demonstartion at Tokyo Motor Show. A footage of the project will be aired in a TV show hosted by Tokoro.

To be aired from 21:00 Nov. 6(Fri) on TV Tokyo.

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