Dyson's powerful motor-driven self-made carts confront engineers

Speaking of Dyson, "Only one vacuum cleaner with the same suction power"There is a CM phrase is known for home appliances equipped with powerful motors. Like Dyson engineers appeal how powerful the motor is, all Dyson product parts are used to make toy carts, competing for the fastest.

Dyson car challenge - YouTube

Engineers who are fond of looking, they are serious about playing.

In this project we are using handy cleaner "DC 34" and cordless cleaner "DC 35"Dyson Digital MotorAnd using the parts of Dyson products to make a cart of toys, who fought for the fastest.

Unusual shape cart

This is like a racing machine and it is seriously aiming at the top

I am likely to be given a drag race

Such parts, there seemed to be, there seems to have not been ......

Where did you bring it from, a machine with a huge tire attached.

Everyone gathers and watch over the progression

Machine that runs with power

Most of them are small machines, but some people made something that they could ride.

This is quite solidly running

Machines with a Dyson-like design

I would like you to announce on the official website which kind of machine the winning machine was and what kind of parts it was made.

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