Jet engine / go-kart running through with pleasant noises

Recently individuals have come to be able to handle jet engines easily,Some people make their own from scratch using the car parts and other garbage insideHowever, this is a movie of people who made it possible to run a jet engine on a small go-kart and emit a tremendously cool sound.

Details are below.
Jet Propelled Go Cart Video

I started sailing the jet engine with a blower that blows off the fallen leaves.

Beyond that, "Kicking !!!" Go karts come with the sound of a different dimension from the car echoing.

And run through. The appearance is small, but it is exactly the sound of a jet plane.

Because it is a handmade cart, the meter is simple.

The driver uses earplugs because it is too noisy.

I wonder if it will fly if you only have feathers.

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