I condemn the statue of Lenin, the father of revolution, mischievous prank

Vladimir Mill LeninIs famous as the founder of the Soviet Union who guided the worker revolution,The bodies still remain antiseptic treatedIt seems that his statue has become a seed of disturbance.

Details are below.
Lenin's Statue Kills Young Man Amid School Party - Pravda.Ru

A 21 - year - old man who was playing with his friends in Belarus, a member of the former Soviet Union located in the west of Russia, climbed into the 5 - meter - long Lenin statue made in 1939 with a drunk momentum, arm When the hanging hill, the statue made of plaster crumbles and the man falls to the ground. A piece of statue was handed to him and it was transported to the hospital but it died.

Also in 2003 Krasnoyarsk in the central part of Russia similarly fell from the arms of Statue of Lenin, an accident happening that died of fragments of statues is occurring. In the story of the police, the statue was painted and it seemed like it was made of metal, so it was not noticed that it was not so durable.A typical Lenin image is a stretched right hand to the front of the imageThere are many, it is surely a design that is easy to hang.

Many of Lenin statements have been removed since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but scribbles and othersMischief and mischief. Lenin himself dislikes idolatry and said, "It's just a pigeon's pleasure," which was negative to his own statue from life before, but perhaps he might have anticipated his own statue to make a disturbance in this way not.

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