"Why did so many people believe that hoax saying" Lenin has become mushroom before it dies "?

In Russia, "Lenin was a mushroom"Is used to indicate the mass feltness of the masses. This is actually caused by many viewers believing that television's research program that "Lenin who likes mushrooms and was consuming a lot in the end eventually became mushroom" was believed It is. Atlas Obscura from overseas media summarizes why such a situation has occurred.

How Vladimir Lenin Became a Mushroom - Atlas Obscura

"Lenin literally became a mushroom just before his death" story appeared and many people believed in what happened in 1991, one month before the Soviet Union collapsed. Earlier national affairs were absurd and overflowing, the change that the collapse of the Soviet Union brought to the people is so large that it is hard to imagine from the present, and because it was in the time of change, it is said that it is "impossible" Even if it was done, it became a result that many people believe.

byBen Sutherland

Associate professor Alexei Yurchak, who studies social culture and language anthropology at the University of California, said "This type of hoax could not be imagined until 1991" "I think that it was useless for someone else. It was difficult to believe that it was a hoax. "

That spreading out this hoax was active as a musician, artist and performer at the timeSergey KuryokhinMr.PerestroikaFromGlasnostDuring the era of cultural regulations began to relax, in Russia a young journalist Sergei Sholokhov was appointed as host "Pyatoe Koleso (Fifth wheel) "Was being aired on the internet. Since the press regulation was strict before that, in the new era many research news programs have focused on "what was the history of their country so far?" Many people were interested in and trusted in the media, and millions of viewers on the fifth wheel also saw the program as a new source of information.

Mr. Sholokhov who was the host of the show was one of the young journalists who became a star. It is not a superficial commentator, it gained popularity as a deeply educated investigative journalist.

Kuryokhin of the artist appeared as "scholar" in this program. Mr. Kuryokhin argues that Lenin kept ingesting magic mushrooms over the course of several years, eventually transforming himself into a mushroom. And Lenin's mushroomingRussian RevolutionHe indicated that he might have given power to Lenin by intensifying it. As art existed in Mexico showing that similar events related to Magic Mushrooms had occurred, art pieces as evidence were also presented. Ultimately Kuryokhin argues that the success of the Russian revolutionary propaganda was the power of drugs.

Sergey Kuryokhin: Lenin was a mushroom / С. Курехин: Ленин был грибом, part 1 - YouTube

"I,October RevolutionHas advanced by people who were eating these mushrooms. And Lenin, who had ingested a lot of mushrooms, was completely deprived of consciousness by the fungus at the end. "" The people who were consuming mushrooms have been replaced with mushrooms and converted into mushrooms. If expressed in words, I simply want to say "Lenin was a mushroom", Mr. Kuryokhin told on the program.

Mr. Kuryokhin also talks about common points between Lenin and Stalin. When Lenin said "I feel good after eating mushrooms", that things like mushrooms were reflected in Lenin 's picture, the root structure of the magic mushroom and Lenin made a speech A comparison of illustrations of the armored cars on board was shown one after another as evidence. However, these evidences were reflected in a short period of time, and many viewers seemed to have been unable to tell that these evidences were ridiculous.

byIgor Yemelianov

While Mr. Kuryokhin talked about that host Mr. Sholokhov was listening enthusiastically with a serious look and that he was shedding and interviewing the fungal scholars familiar with the Magic Mushroom beforehand, It is considered to be one factor that increased sex. In this interview, I was not asked about Lenin.

Yurchak Associate Professor's survey says that few people immediately recognized the program as a hoax, many viewers were confused at the time and remembered that they would not know how to judge.

Mr. Kuryokhin appeared Mischief broadcasting times made people think "What you see on television is true or not?", After the air show, Mr. Kuryokhin gained great popularity in Russia.

Even though factors such as the background of the era and the character image of Lenin are involved, in fact, many people have essentially the "easy to believe in hoaxes" property as described above. "Many people do not know whether there is evidence there, but we assume that" there is evidence and it is discussed, "Yurchak says.

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