"Why is Rowan Atkinson playing Mr. Bean a genius who expresses comedy in his body"?

Rowan Atkinson is a British representative comedian, especially "Mr. BeanIt is known for. Mr. Bean is a character that makes people laugh with just their facial expressions and actions, with little conversation. I upload a lot of movie essaysNerdwriter 1Rowan Atkinson is a genius of "physical comedy" who plays comedy using the body, arguing that style can never be imitated by other comedians.

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The 2012 London Olympics was held in 2012.

In the second part of the opening ceremony, the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Simon Rattle plays Vangelis's "Fire Runner", but Mr. Bean appeared as a player of a synthesizer playing at the beginning of the song.

Mr. Bean has a tired expression as soon as it is boring enough to hit the key of the same sound, and the venue is filled with laughter.

Rowan Atkinson worked as a master of science at Oxford University and was active in the theater circle and comedy circle of the university.

Atkinson walking in the city while showing a magical smile to the camera ... ...

Being crazy about the camera, it crashes into the street tree.

Also the sketch (contest) hitting this street tree was broadcasted on this program is a program called "Not the Nine O'Clock News" (not the 9 o'clock news) "which was aired on BBC since 1979. Rowan Atkinson became famous as a comedian, this program has been a trigger.

The character Atkinson is playing in a sketch hitting a street tree is "a self-conscious male who sticks to the camera".

Atkinson is said to be a master of "physical comedy" which is a comedy which plays in the body, and it is described with a movie. Speaking of "Physical comedian" is famous for Charles · Chaplin called comedy king.

Buster Keaton is also famous as a physical comedian. Chaplin and Keaton were geniuses that could be comical characters without using words. Physical comedies not only do fun things using the body but also it is necessary to clearly show the behavior of the character in front of the camera.

Atkinson says, "I place more emphasis on acting and behavior than the joke itself, and it makes me laugh, like a character that shows a certain kind of truth, even if the character is strange or humorous, Even if it is done, rude, ridiculous, there is a kind of truth behind it, "he says in an interview.

Speaking of Atkinson's hit role is "Mr. Bean".

Mr. Bean, like Chaplin who was active as a comic King during the silent movie era, is a clown who speaks little words.

Mr. Bean was originally from 1990 to 1995ITVIt was a comedy program aired on TV, and only 15 episodes on TV version produced in 6 years. Mr. Bean became famous even outside the UK because of the theatrical version "BeanIt is said to have been the chance. Unlike Chaplin and Keaton who also served as director and producer in theatrical version, Atkinson is thoroughly standing as a performer.

Not only Mr. Bean, but Atkinson's famous performances can be seen at the stage show. There is no waste in his show, Atkinson's talent is demonstrated exclusively here. One of the sketches which Atkinson below played at the live stage show.

The following sketch is a joke where a teacher reads out the name of a student full of underneath. Since the teacher is simply calling the name of the student, it is seriously serious and there is no appearance to move.

Of course, the joke that Atkinson speaks is also interesting, but it can be enjoyed sketching only when there is a character "strict teacher" that he plays.

A pastor who talks about how to proceed with a wedding in the church quite often.

In the middle of the story, the audience seemed to eat lavishly by soaking the sacred bread used in the ritual of the church violently in the holy wine, the audience laughs. This sketch is also established because Atkinson plays perfectly "a kind pastor".

In the case of Atkinson, it can be said that the character itself is established as a joke.

The comedy that Atkinson shows is rather "comedy of character" rather than a comedy of gag. Atkinson is not just doing interesting things, but letting ordinary things go wrong.

For example, the sketch below is "Continue to act as instructed". The first one is "a message that has brought good news under the king".

The second is acting of "a message that has bad news".

The third one is the performance of "a message that actually brought bad news when I thought it was good news."

The performance heats up, "I thought it was good news and bad news, so I was stabbed on the spot, so I was stabbed on the spot or a message that would die dead on the spot" The venue will be laughed at laughter.

Finally, Atkinson plays until "actor who puts too much heat into acting and hurts foot when knees are attached to the ground". Five actions have been shown at the show so far, but we are not talking about jokes, but laughter is born with the character "an actor who receives serious audition".

In order to express such comedy as to grasp the audience's heart like this, a tremendous accuracy of performance is required. The style of Atkinson's laughter can not be imitated by anyone and can be said to be completely unique to Atkinson.

Physical comedians can express a certain kind of sarcasm by observing the behavior of human beings quite a bit and by imitating perfection from small movements to pronunciation of words.

"I assume that I encountered a situation or a person in the train, I will keep observing that person secretly, then finish it to the sketch character carefully and show myself to that character," Atkinson said in an interview.

In addition, Mr. Bean is uploaded by the official channel and you can see all episodes including animation and movies for free.

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