It is a reality that robots can substitute up to 99% of sculptor's work

Carrara in Tuscany, Italy has been known since ancient times as a production area of marble, and the white marble called 'Carrara Bianco', which is a special product in particular, has been used for sculpture since ancient Roman times. A robot that carves an image with superhuman precision from such Carrara Bianco ore has become a hot topic.

'We Don't Need Another Michelangelo': In Italy, It's Robots' Turn to Sculpt - The New York Times

Could robots do the work of master marble sculptors? This one is '99%' there, according to its creator. - CBS News

According to Giacomo Massari, founder of Robotor, the company that developed ABB2, a robot would carve a sculpture that would take several months to produce in just a few days. ``Robots don't take holidays or sleep,'' Massari said.

You can see how a robot with a total height of about 4 m carves marble from 2 minutes and 40 seconds in the following movie.

HSD & Robotor-YouTube

The main body of the robot is an arm attached to a fixed pedestal, and the whole body is made of zinc alloy. The drill used for engraving has a diamond coating.

The arm can move freely with multiple joints and can cut marble from any direction of 360 degrees.

As the drill rotates, water is jetted from the arm and you can scrape the marble with gorigori.

A 3D model created in advance on a computer is loaded, and the robot cuts the marble and cuts out the same image as the 3D model from the marble. On the surface of the shaved marble, a layer is born that looks like it was printed with a 3D printer.

The step of this layer is scraped by human hands. A robot cannot complete a sculpture by itself, and human hands are always added at the end.

According to Mr. Massari, there is also an opinion that 'such a thing is not art' against sculpting with software that creates 3D models and robot technology that makes it a reality. ``There is a danger of forgetting the handiwork, and I hope that the know-how and knowledge will remain,'' says Massari. I'm forever clinging to the idea that there is. It makes me laugh.' 'Robot technology doesn't take away human jobs, it just makes them better.'

Furthermore, Mr. Massari said, ``A robot cannot do a perfect job if it is alone.The work that the robot does is probably about 99% of the total.However, it is still the human hand that makes the difference in the work. The last 1% is very important,' he said.

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