The former pope appears in the form of fire at the ceremony of the second anniversary

It seems that the appearance of the pope has emerged in the form of a flame with a celebration ceremony at the second anniversary of John Paul II of the former pope before being held in Poland. According to believers they are blessing with raising their right hands.

Details are as below.Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave Vatican TV director says yes the Mail on Sunday

This beef was burned at Beskid Zywiecki near the hometown of John Paul II. Hundreds of people attended the ceremony and Mr. Gregorz Lukasik, who took a picture, seems to have noticed the appearance of the fire after returning home, "As John Paul II pilgrims the rest of the world as it is before life I am glad that I can prove what I am doing with this photo. "

Jarek Cielecki, a close friend of John Paul II, said, "You can see the person in the flame, I think that I am the messenger of God, John Paul II."

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