The Jedi church establishment plan is underway in Wales

A part of Washington Cathedral already has a mask of Darth VaderThere are also plans to establish a British Jedi church by two brothers who love star wars also in Wales of the UK.

The JediAccording to the British census, there are 390,000 followersSo it is not amusing to have one or two churches.

Details are as below.BBC NEWS UK Wales Force strong for new Jedi church

Two people planning are Barney Jones and Daniel Jones. As a service of the church there are sermons about Force and lightsaber training, and they also tell me about the meditation technique.

Barney who is a hairdresser said, "When I was a kid I was always watching Star Wars, I could learn about" trust "deeply by watching a movie. There are already some Jedi churches on the net. "

They said that in April they plan to open the Jedi church meeting based on Sally. It seems that we have already met with six comrades and are discussing the establishment of the church. The current members are all men, but they are not prohibiting women's entry. But if it fell to the dark side, it seems to be expelled, "If someone tries to use the force for greed and power, it will bring negative interference to the church," says Barney.

Jedi believers are not only in the UKOver 100,000 people in Australia and New Zealand as wellIt seems that Jedi is coming out to each country from now on.

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