"Dark side (dark side) and Jedi are real", SF movie "Star Wars / Force's Awakening" 2 minutes 16 seconds New trailer video with Japanese subtitles released

Japan time Sci-Fi movie that will be unveiled all over the country from 18:30 on Friday, 18th December 2015 "Star Wars / Force's Awakens"A new trailer has been released. The original home version is released at a rate of raging that the number of views increases by 10,000 times in one minute.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official) - YouTube

Star Wars / Force's Awakening 2 minutes 16 seconds Trailer (with Japanese subtitles) - YouTube

Ray of the new heroine (Daisy Ridley)

I will descend like a ruin of the great war of the past

"Who are you?"

"It is not anyone"

A spaceship that can be seen far away

Ray as if you are thinking something

Emperor's appearance

Stormtrooper's cool fin (John Boyega), "I lived for this"

"But there is no purpose to fight"

Cairo Ren (Adam · Driver), owner of a cruciform red lightsaber and a villain, "Can not stop anyone"


By placing "sweetheart yourself", I swear in front of the decaying Darth Vader's mask

"I heard a lot of rumors"

"The truth"

"All is true", Han solo talking to Ray and Fin (Harrison Ford)

That scene finally came out

"Wake up"

"Dark side"

"Jedi too"


"The Force ..."

"I am calling you"

Embrace of Han Solo and Leia

And the duel

"Accept it"

"Star Wars / Awakening of the Force"

Friday, 18th (Fri), 18:30 nationwide public release

The new poster published on the 19th is Kore.

Together with the release, a total of seven marathon screenings will be held together with six previous episodes.

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