Luke's past as Mark Hamill thought about 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' was too heavy

Luke Skywalker, the main character of the old trilogy released from 1977 to 1983, will appear in the series of trilogy from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' released in 2015. Although the release time is quite far away, it is set that the time during the work has passed considerably, so Mark Hamill plays the role of Luke in both. During this time, it is not clearly drawn in the work, but Mark Hamill seems to have assumed a fairly heavy background when playing the old Luke.

Star Wars: Mark Hamill created a devastating backstory for Luke Skywalker |

According to, Mark Hamill thought of a number of 'Luke's stories after'Return of the Jedi''. One of them was 'Luke fell in love with a widow with a young child.' As a general rule, Jedi are not allowed to marry or have a wife's belt. However, Luke seems to have left the Jedi because he wanted to marry a widow and raise a child.

Luke seemed to have a happy family, but his happiness didn't last long, and his child was touching a lightsaber and died in an accident. This tragic event was conceived by Hamil in light of the accidental death of a child who was actually touching a parent's gun in the gun society, and was used to create the Luke of 'The Last Jedi.' It seems that he had to drive himself to that extent.

It should be noted that this setting is an episode created by Hamil to create a role, not an official setting. However, Hamil said that he consulted with Rian Johnson of 'The Last Jedi' when considering the change of Luke, so based on this episode, Hamil created 'Old Luke Statue' is the director. It is not considered to be contrary to the image of.

Apart from Hamil's creative episode, there is an official setting that Luke had a period of training Jedi candidates after 'Return of the Jedi'. Han Solo and Leia's son Ben are among the students at this time, but Ben is invited by the leader of the First Order, Snork, who is the remnant of the Galactic Empire, to turn over to the dark side and kill all Jedi trainees. Cause an incident. Ben later became Kylo Ren, as mentioned in 'The Force Awakens.'

Luke is said to have disappeared due to Ben's incident, but with Hamil's idea that he lost his beloved child, he lived in seclusion in such a remote area. I am convinced that it is not unreasonable to send.

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