A powerful adhesive on the toilet seat, a sitting man is transported to the hospital together with the toilet bowl

A man who enjoyed shopping at a shopping center on holiday seemed to have used a toilet, and there was a case that some powerful adhesive was set on the toilet bowl. Men were transported to the hospital while a large number of customers were watching.

Imagine if you encountered the same eye, it is a terrible story, but what exactly was it?

Details are as below.
Man stuck to toilet seat in Cairns shopping center - National News - National - General - Illawarra Mercury

According to this article, a 58-year-old man who tried to use at the shopping center's toilet in Queensland, Australia on the 22nd (Saturday) morning of the local time, was in a state where he could not keep his / her mobility while sitting on the toilet seat It seems he got into it.

Because the toilet seat was painted with a strong adhesive with immediate effect, it was impossible to peel off the adhesive on the spot so men were taken out by the toilet in the shopping center where they were crowded with shoppers, and the hospital It was transported to.

The men were released from the toilet seat by removing the adhesive with a strong solvent for industrial use at the destination hospital, but the information provision to the police was called for as an incident not being able to be done by the bad jokes of the men It is.

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