The robber who intends to blow up the ATM blew up with the bank by mistaking the amount of the gunpowder

It seems that there was an incident that robbery who blew ATM alone and robbed cash blows up every bank with the erroneous amount of explosive charge.

It is thought that we used a considerable amount of gunpowder with the building itself being blown off halfway. There was no injured person because it was a midnight crime, but I think I'm bothered by thinking about the bombings in the daytime.

Details are from the following.
Coup in Malliss gescheitert - Panzerknacker jagen Bank - Filiale in die Luft - News -

According to this article, on May 25th local time around 2 o'clock in the evening Germany /Mecklenburg-VorpommernIt seems that there was an incident that a bank in the village of Mary was bombed. The remnants of the blasted bank were blown off by a radius of 50 meters, and it was said that the explosion caused the gas pipe of the pharmacy in the same building to be damaged and in danger.

According to a police investigation, the culprit blew ATM and tried to deprive cash, but it seems that the investigation is proceeding, presuming that the amount of explosive was erroneously blown up by each bank.

This is a bank that was blown up by mistake.

Firefighters who do remnants processing.

Even looking at the pictures shows that it was a pretty explosion.

Even though nobody had done without getting hurt, it was okay for me to say that banks that have blown up buildings themselves, rather than ATMs, are not accumulated.

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