The most secure thing against malware and phishing in the browser is Internet Explorer 8

According to the survey of the NSS laboratory, it became clear that the safest browser on the market is Internet Explorer 8. According to the survey, although IE and Firefox responded to the same degree of response to phishing attacks, IE has overwhelming ability against malware against IE He said he showed up.

Details are as below.
IE 8 Found To Be Safest Web Browser In Studies Funded by Microsoft - HotHardware

The investigationIntetnet Explorer 8WhenFirefox 3,Safari 4,Google Chrome 2,Opera 10 betaThe comparison was made in a form.

First of all, the block rate of the result of accessing 608 malware URLs. While IE 8 blocked 81%, there is a big difference from 27% of Firefox 3 to continue. 1% to Opera 10.

This is the blocking ratio when accessing 593 phishing URLs. Both IE 8 and Firefox 3 show high figures in the 80% range. Here Safari 4 is overwhelmingly low, 2%.

Based on this result, Internet Explorer 8 seems to be said to be the safest. However, when I look at the result of access analysis at GIGAZINE, I still wanted to compare it with IE 7 and 6, because IE 7 and IE 6 are still using more people than those using IE 8.

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