Because the odor of Waki ​​drifts, prohibit riding the screaming machine by raising both hands

When going to the theme park, we often see people riding a scaring machine such as a roller coaster while shouting "wa" with both hands raised, but reason why Oki's uncomfortable smell makes unpleasant feelings for passengers It seems that there is a theme park which banned riding scary machine while raising both hands.

As the number of institutions that respond to such requests increases, it seems necessary for you to be more concerned about body odor than before.

Details are from the following.
Ananova - Theme park bans B.O.

According to this article, in the UK near LondonSallyIt is inTHORPE PARKIt seems that at a theme park called the theme park banned riding scary machine while raising both hands on the day when the temperature became 25 degrees or more.

It is not a matter of safety to prohibit, because there are already complaints several times because it is not to let the passengers etc. feel uncomfortable by spreading the odor of Waki ​​around, taking measures like this time He said that.

According to the person in charge of THORPE PARK, the screaming machine in the park is very extreme, passengers are sweating much more than usual because of fear, so the power of odor will become strong, and as the temperature rises It seems that odor of Waki ​​has reached a level that can not be accepted. Therefore, on the day when the temperature went up, it is calling for riding in a state with tightened Waki ​​so that inconvenience will not be brought to the surroundings.

If surroundings responded excessively to odor, may it be possible to prohibit boarding of people with strong body odors?

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