I have eaten Gigantho fried rice / Giganto rice noodles with 4.5 times more than usual with the gyoza gyoza

CorrectlyGyoza's Takarazuka Inter StoreOriginal menu provided by "Saturnary Giganto Menu"Giganthu fried rice is 4.5 times the normal size with soup with tax included 861 yen, Gigantt Tianjin rice is also 4.5 times the normal size with soup and 892 yen including tax, and Giganto Ramen is a gigante size using 4 noodles and 924 yen including tax It has become.

Or, simply, "I am hungry" "Yes," "It will be even the king of dumplings," or "Let's go" and it was planned to go to the ordinary gyoza king, but " Let's go to eat Giganto if you go, "one editorial staff began to say is luck. It was supposed to be "Giganto? What is it?", It was decided to go with four people, but we decided to show the power of real "gyoza no kisho" who lives steadily ... ....

Gigantho fried rice · Giganto Tianjin rice · The record of fight with Giganto ramen is as follows.
Like thatGyoza's Takarazuka Inter StoreArrival in.

Information on saturated Giganto menu

There seems to have been introduced to Kansai Walker as well

I arrived at the table seat and reconfirmed the existence by opening the menu as a matter of fact. Because the kids menu is arranged on the right side, is it a strategy that extra size stands out? At first I ordered. For now, I ordered Giganthu fried rice gigantho Tianjin rice gigante ramen, each normal size for comparison.

I arrived at Giganthu fried rice. Wait a moment, what is this size?

By the way, the weight of Giganthu fried rice is 1.4 kg. It is already.

I think that the density seems to be very different, but ....

Even more amazing facts, the attached soup is also huge. I have not heard of this! You told me now! The interaction in the brain that looked like it was spread.

I mean, this pressure is abnormal though only Giganthu fried rice is still coming.

The premonition is that Giganto Tianjin meal comes down. Tianjin rice in the usual size is in the back, it is never a kids size.

What it is, it is overwhelming.

Equipment is also big, there are also height.

does not feel like we can win.

It seems to overflow. It seems that we are trying to fight against a ridiculous opponent ... ....

Although the ramen has not come yet, I had a feeling of defeat.

And gigantorumen arrived ... this is not a ramen instrument, is a mortar or something? You are mistaken for inclusion?

Desperate size. I can not believe that it is four servings.

Oh, it looks yummy (stick reading)

Giganto menu All right. Regretfully regretting that I ordered instead of a side menu such as fried chicken on condition.

In this way, there is nothing but challenging with the preparedness of throwing away.

First of all, from Giganto Tianjin Rice.

Giganto Tianjin Rice

Tontoro Fluffy eggs are full of trout, thick ducky trophy

How it says, I do not feel like I'm losing my surroundings as I shake it with my astragalus and it is filled up and I'm eating in one direction and disappearing. It is a charm like an immortal corps that will be resurrected even if you defeat it or defeat it.

Let's see the other Giganto menus in the movie.

Gigante fried rice · Giganto Tianjin rice · Giganto ramen

Strategically thinking, Giganto Ramen, which came out with the most huge vessels, absorbed the soup afterwards, it got even bigger and decided that it would become out of hand, and I first knocked at full power first.

It seems like somehow, my stomach is getting full at this point ...

Eh, if there is a chance to think about such a thing, there is no choice but to clear up the gigantho fried rice quickly!

Clearly this gigantho fried rice is quite delicious. The taste is the best in the Giganto series, it feels nice. It is recommended because you can eat mushrooms.

When I noticed, Giganthu fried rice was gone. Or, if you see it in the picture, it will be in an instant, but it has passed for about 30 minutes to eat up to this point.

It is this gigantt Tianjin rice which continued to resist us until the end. Because, as the inside is just rice, it gradually becomes flattering ... ....

However! I can not lose! The last last resort!

Complete food with a cramp! painful! It is something I knew from the beginning, but there are too many quantities!

Successful to eat all

All the vessels are too large

mission complete

And we ended up leaving behind the gyoza grandmother, it is over.

In addition, this time I ordered with this feeling

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