The roller coaster stops due to a power outage, the passenger is upside down for 30 minutes

In America, the roller coaster of the theme park "Magic Springs & Crystal Falls" in Arkansas stopped upside down at 150 feet (46 m) above the ground due to blackouts. Passengers were in an upside down state for 30 minutes before the firefighter helped with a ladder car.

Details are as below.
Nation & amp; World Blown fuse strands riders dangling upside down on roller coaster Seattle Times Newspaper

The stopped roller coaster "X-coaster" gains power from a power plant near the theme park, and several other attractions stop due to power failure. There are other roller coasters in this theme park, but they recovered soon. However, why only X - coaster remains stopped. It seems that cheers have risen from around when passengers were safely rescued.

One of the passengers complained of pain in the head and neck, went to the hospital, and those who came together also said they had not taken X-coaster twice.

According to the general manager of the theme park, it was said that there was a blackout in the past but it was always returning soon, but was the power outage occurred frequently?

Below is the movie of X-coaster at the normal time.
YouTube - X-Coaster

This can be seen from passenger viewpoint.
YouTube - Magic Springs

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