Discovering a sister-like character of Kernel Sanders in China

It seems that a person who seemed to be the sister of Kentucky Fried Chicken 's Kernel Sanders was found in China. surelyAccording to WikipediaThere seems to be a sister in the kernel, but what sort of figure does the sister named in China find out?

Details are from the following.
KFC lost sister found in China | :: littleoslo :: E

This is a sign with a figure depicting a person who seems to be the sister of Kernel · Sanders discovered in China. Just next to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Compared with kernel · sanders, if they are told that they are similar, they look alike, they do not seem to be that much ....

This signboard is "Yosaka Shima Seika chain shop", translating it is said to be "a spicy pot chain store of Yoshima", it looks like a sign made with this signboard girl as a motif. So it is not related to kernel · sanders. But actually it seems that there was a younger brother and sister in kernel · sanders, perhaps maybe the day when it will appear in Kentucky will come ... someday.

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