KFC's accelerating international strategy that changed kernel · sanders from suits to aprons

With the globalization of capitalism, I see the same fast food no matter where I go. There are features of McDuldd, which has a solid region of expansion, and subway, where a large number of branches are set up. Each of them has cutting-edge areas such as Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and China, which can be expected in the futureKFCI can not miss the international strategy of. For thatKernel SandersWas born in a kitchen with a red apron from a wealthy capitalist wearing a white suit. You have to keep a relationship between Pepsi Cola and Pizza Hut. In the United States it is a store with Mexican food and hamburger 's fast food.

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◆ Logo Mark

McDonald's mascot character Donald McDonald is a clown. You can not imitate the human character "Kaneru Sanders" "Lan Lan Lu" that makes you happy. The image is important because it is a real person.

With white suit kernel · sanders ... ...

Kernel Sanders with a red apron. Which do you feel familiar with?

KFC is a representative to be criticized with McDonald as a symbol of globalized capitalism that destroys regional culture. Unlike Donald who is a clown clown, wealthy capitalist overlaps in kernel · sanders wearing white suit. In a white suit you can not hire as an employee. It is the figure of the manager. That's why a familiar red apron logo has appeared?

New logo mark expressing "handmade" of kernel · sanders, "commitment to deliciousness" New logo is born on KFC!

The new logo is a familiar design with a smiling kernel Sanders appealing apron with the theme of "youth, energy, contemporary, familiarity". This design includes the real taste of the kernel, which can be said to be the origin of FHH & amp; H = Fresh (fresh), Healthy (safe and healthy), Handmade (handmade), Hospitality (hospitality) The attention to "is expressed. It was 1939 when the age of 49 was the time when the kernel established the KFC at the age of 65 and completed the recipe of "original chicken" with a peculiar taste after trial and error. The apron designed for the new logo expresses the appearance of the kernel, which sticks to "handmade" and "safe, secure, fresh material" and completes its own recipe.

The logo mark of the new store has become a red apron, and we are promoting global expansion.

KFC who came in the season in Canada is an old logo mark.

Botswana's KFC, which advanced in 2012, is a red apron logo.

There was also a kernel Sanders in hat in the United States. Although I felt familiarity here ....

◆ Group companies

Unlike McDonald's, KFC has its parent company. Pizza's "Pizza hut, Tacos's "Taco BellTogether with "Yum Brands"The world expansion is done as. It was operating as a "2 in 1" store with KFC. I often saw it in Canada and the United StatesA & amp; WThere was also a brand of hamburger called "hamburger", but it has been sold off the umbrella. PepsiCola is generally offered at Yum Brands as it is a company that was created by spinning off from PepsiCo. "

Pizza hut.

Taco Bell which is not familiar to Japanese handles tacos and burrito.

Hamburger 's A & W seems to have been sold ... ...

As "2 in 1" to the same store as KFC.

A store with KFC and Taco Bell.

KFC and Pizza Hut were at the shopping mall where Jusco of China also entered.

Drinks placed in Canadian stores are PepsiCo's lineup.

A cup of drinks is also a Pepsi-Cola logo.

◆ Overseas expansion

In Southeast Asia it is not limited to old capitalist countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, but McDonald 's non - advanced Vietnamese and former socialist countriesCambodiaWe also have stores in stores. It is aggressive also in Indonesia where economic development is remarkable, and it is confirmed on the internet that Ambon in Ambon Island and Jayapura on New Guinea Island also have stores in stores and you can see how they are putting in power.

A store of KFC found in Bali, Indonesia.

Spaghetti with chicken, potatoes and drinks.

Chiang Mai in Thailand.

It was a freshly opened store in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Chicken, potatoes and drinks.

KFC Operator Plans Expansion In Greater Jakarta, Kalimantan

Last year, the fast-food company opened 25 new outlets, lifting its total number of outlets to 421 units in 95 Indonesian cities.

What is the format of a successful franchise business in Vietnam

First of all, how to find a franchise partner after directly operating a store for a certain period of time. Pizza Hut, KFC, Lotteria, Pho 24, Trung Nguyen Coffee, etc. started the business, first opened a number of shops, it was only possible to persuade the franchisee side once awareness got higher. KFC has 100 stores in Vietnam for 15 years and Lotteria also has 100 stores in 13 years.

Entry in China is also aggressive and ranked top as a fast food chain. For McDonalds where there are many shops in large cities, KFC also expanded its store network even in small and medium cities. Uyghur Autonomous Region has KFC, but there is no McDonald's.

Nanning which is the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Dandong in Liaoning Province near the border with North Korea.

A set of chicken burger.

Eve burgers.

At the Beijing store we also did delivery by electric bicycle

KFC 's number of stores in China, exceed 4000! Also aim to increase more than 500 stores a year - China media

Since opening the first shop in Beijing in 1987, KFC increased the number to 1,000 stores in the subsequent 17 years, and expanded the number of stores to 3000 stores in the next 6 years. And at 4000 stores at a phenomenal speed. Meanwhile, rival McDonald's currently has 1,400 stores in China, and KFC has opened up water to rival companies.

Fast food shop fierce fighting about appetite in China

Fast food chains developed by multinational companies such as KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and McDonald's have advanced to China and began to catch the European and American fast food markets. Yam Brands who owns KFC has opened new stores in China at more than one store every day. According to the company, operating profit earned in China in 2010 seems to have passed the United States for the first time.

Compared with McDonald's, where only Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa have not advanced, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and Africa's KFC, which are mainly South Africa, are aggressive. I was surprised at Nagellia's shop when I looked it up before, but in Ghana, Mozambique,AngolaIt seems that we have also advanced to KFC Africa strategy can not be overlooked.

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.

Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

What is a company that boasts four times the number of stores in McDonald's in South Africa?

The fast food industry in South Africa is expanding the market to be proportional to the fact that the gross domestic product (GDP) continues to rise. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), which boasts tremendous popularity in South Africa, operates 660 stores in Japan, which is four times the number of McDonald's stores in the world.

Plan to open 130 stores in KFC, Africa

According to KFC Africa, 2012 will be opened in seven new African countries, Angola, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar. In Angola and Malawi, construction work has already started.

KFC had advanced to the southern part of Africa in the 1970s, but in the last couple of years the number of stores has been rapidly increasing to northern Africa. In 2011, he advanced to Zambia, Ghana, Kenya.

I found a map of the country where KFC 's store is located at Wikipedia. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KFC_world_map_2.jpg)

Here is a map with McDonald's stores. (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a6/McDonaldsWorldLocations.svg)

When comparing it, you can see that KFC is consolidating the ground in the Middle East such as Southern Asia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen and so on, as well as Southeast Asia, China and Africa introduced in the region and regions that we can anticipate from the future like Bangladesh and Nepal.

A list that shows the year of KFC's country advancement (List of countries with KFC franchises)

In this way, KFC which puts offense mainly in developing countries, McDonald's of overwhelming brand image, Competition of fast-food chain store which accelerates all over the world with subway which became number of stores in the world by continuing mass shop opening I can not take my eyes off.

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