McDonald's turnover also exceeds the country's GDP

The following figure is a world power figure of McDonald's and Starbucks which are the originating chain stores in the US, but noteworthy is McDonald's sales. It exceeds the GDP of one country.

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According to this figure, McDonald's has 31 thousand stores in 118 countries in the world as of 2003, it seems that McDonald's hires 1.5 million people. Sales are Afghanistan's GDP, 41 billion dollars nearly twice the $ 21 billion.
In contrast, Starbucks had 6200 stores in 19 countries in 2003. Sales are $ 4.1 billion. However, the number of stores has increased remarkably, so it seems that three stores are open each day.

In addition, sales of other fast food chain stores in 2003 are Bayer in the order of Burger King's $ 11 billion, Wendy's $ 9.4 billion, Kentucky $ 8.2 billion and Pizza Hut $ 8 billion. Both are the chain stores that are entering Japan, but only the Burger King boasting sales next to McDonald's seems to have withdrawn in 2001.

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