I went to the former ancestor of Tsukemen "Higashi Ikebukuro Victory Eater" and ate my friends

The victory in Higashi Ikebukuro is "Victory eater" in various parts of Japan (Goodwill eleventh party), And Mr. Kazuo Yamagishi who served as the former store manager was a person who is also called "God of ramen", so that Yamagishu eaten at the time he was practicing "Morningoba" to the customers It is said that what turned out was the first "Tsukemen". Just in May Lotteria "Bigger of the great winnerSince we released it, I went to eat to the head office of Higashi Ikebukuro what kind of tsukemen that became the collaboration origin.

Original ancestral noodle Higashi Ikebukuro Otsu eater official site | YAMAGISHI JIRUSHI TAI-SHO-KEN

Arrived at the victory.

Outside there is a terrace seat.

Accounting is a food ticket system.

In the upper left corner "Morning market(750 yen including tax) "discovered. Because it was rare in the series of victorious eaves, "3 dumplings included(350 yen including tax) "also ordered.

The inside of the shop has a table seat and a counter seat.

The history of the victorious owner is affixed with photographs.

The kitchen was large and the clerk was moving with millet.

First of all, gyoza arrived earlier, because it takes time for boiled soba.

There is firm brown on the skin.

Compared to the iPhone 5, it is about this size, almost twice as large as ordinary dumplings.

As I eat it, the texture is rich in skin, plenty of meat and vegetable umami are packed. If you eat it with beer it seems to fit.

Of course, you can eat deliciously even with soy sauce, rice oil, vinegar, but you can have it well without any sauce.

By the time we finished eating dumplings, Morningoba arrived.

The amount of Moromi - no - yu noodles is 320 grams, more than 1.5 times that of ordinary shops.

The appearance of noodles is sticky.

The onions are floating in the pickled miso soup, and there are glue, menma, char siu, boiled eggs and so on.

Immersed in noodles by soaking in noodle juice, eating with a slippery texture and comfort and throat passing are good. Koshi of noodles may be weak. Tsukasa is based on ramen soup, taste such as seafood, pork and chicken is effective, taste refreshing easy to eat with sour, sweet and pungent faintness. One of the features is that the temperature of the fresh juice is rather somewhat slimy.

Although it is common that the tsukushi is divided at the end by soup to dilute the taste, it is common to drink it, but drinking as it is never too thick.

Egg is good feeling that the soup sprinkled moderately.

Chashu is also large, there are volumes. Higashi Ikebukuro type victory elephant is one of the large amount of uri.

Menma is also accented with a sense of crispy texture.

When you eat noodles about half, it looks like this.

Slowly steaming noodles ......

Complete food. Many people make it easy to eat because there are few habit.

When you finish eating noodles, please give the clerk a soup allocation.

The juice became diluted, the amount increased.

Fragrant fragrance of fish and fragrance, soup easy to drink that feels sour or sweet. It is one of the pleasure of asking for mybs.

I will apply "Yamagishi Kazuo supervised flower pepper" that was on the table.

Contents are chili peppers · black pepper · garlic etc.

It finishes with a punchy taste than pungent effect. You may put someone you like from the beginning.

The victory vendor head office is about 3 minutes on foot from Higashi Ikebukuro station. If you are a person who approves tsukimoni lover, the original Morisoba is the item you want to eat once.

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