Game Company accepting applicant for part-time "Royalty" for 500 dollars a day(and some offerings)

Being a king, with royal crown and gorgeous gown should be real fun. For those who agree with this, here's your dream job. Japanese game manufacturer is now hiring part-time worker who wants to be "royalty" for 500 dollars a day, and some offerings.

Read on for detail.

Max Co. Ltd. 08889166 / From A Navi

According to recruiting ad above, Max Co. is now hiring people who could act like a real king for the advertisement of Marvelous Entertainment's new Wii software "King's Chronicle".

His "reign" will be from September 3rd to 6th. They will pay about 500 USD a day, and some "tributes" will also be served. There will also be female TV talent acting as Queen. Everything you need to be a king, like crown, gown, false beards, etc. will be provided.

Applicants must be "eager to act as a King" and acceptance of exposure to public must needed. The entry must arrive by 7:00 AM of Aug. 6. so hurry up if you want to participate.

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