In service, in December, what is the identity of an extremely short-term part-time worker with an hourly wage of 2.5 million yen?

In SeptemberShort-term part-time job of 112,000 yen / hourAlthough it was quite amazing that it appeared, this time, a high salaried part-time job recruitment of 2.5 million yen per hour appeared.

The previous hourly wage of 112,000 yen is a movie "Incite Mill 7 Days Death Game"It was a tie-up promotion, work was three hours, but this time it seems to be a byte of only one hour in December.

There are various events in December, but what on earth is it?
Domino · Pizza 25th Anniversary Staff Wanted

According to the site of Domino Pizza, the content is "Domino Pizza brings together the 25th anniversary of Japan's landing together" and is an extremely short-term part-time job of only one hour during December 2010. Hourly wage is 2.5 million yen.

The number of recruiters is 1, the qualification is 18 years old or over, treatment is pension paid pension not paid for uniform lending, transportation expenses, training pear.

The details of the application are not disclosed at the present time, and it will be released on 10th November.

If it is 2.5 million yen it is considerable. I think that it is certain that it is not at least a pizza delivery member, but what kind of work is it ....

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