Production pattern of quite elaborate pyramid type PC case

It is a huge pyramid type PC case in which the majesty of the pyramid is expressed well. It is understood from the state of production that being built into considerably fine parts, passion for the author's PC case is transmitted.

Details are from the following.
This is the framework which becomes the foundation of the PC case.

Part of the foundation is designed to fit the pyramid.

What is completed ......

It fits with this feeling.

The interior of the pyramid is quite complicated.

Internal assembly is completed.

Outer frame made of plastic.

It will look like this when installed.

I will decorate the outer frame of the plastic.

Even in this state it feels nice.

Plus alpha to make even more majestic.

Completion I do not think there is a PC inside.

You can see more detailed production situation from below
Project Pyramid, update 7 july 2009 - Forums

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