Gals' overwhelming power is fully opened, Tenjin Festival Gal Mikoshi Movie Gallery - Departure Hen ~

It is a movie of Gal Mikoshi cruising which will be the eve of the Osaka Tenjin Festival on July 25th. The power of 79 people girls who carry mikoshi is more than imagined and it is overwhelmed by their power. Because it can not be transmitted by just pictures and texts, I shot the scene of the scene with a movie.

* Movie was added to 17: 24.

Movie playback is from the following.
Gals who carry mikoshi appeared.

The gals are arraying all at once.

The girls made a big fuss before the mikoshi was carried on.

A movie that girls put in a spirit before they play Mikoshi. Two girls divided into two groups are competing with each other for loss.

Girls who start to form a circle to further spirit.

The excitement of the girls is at its peak. I can not stop them.

Mikoshi is carried and it is exciting. The power of the girls is full.

Eccentricity settled down one momentary and preparation for departure.

After that, I went to Osaka Tenmangu shrine where the gals headed. Please wait a while until the movie is released.

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