"Hottarake island ~ Haruka and Magic Mirror" depicting the high school girl's adventure seeking treasures from my mother High-quality trailer appeared

The ordinary high school student · Haruka lost the important hand mirror received from my mother and go to wish to be found in a shrine in Musashino. However, as I see and see the fox there, I enter a strange world 'Hottarake no island'. Because no man can enter into "Hottarake island", Haruka will travel and try to find a hand mirror so that it is not noticed, but the baron who is catching up on the island has noticed the existence of Haruka ..., Fuji TV announced 50th anniversary movie released on Saturday, August 22, 2009 Movie "Island of Hotarake - Haruka and Magic Mirror -It is a synopsis of.

A high-quality trailer of this "Hottarake island ~ Haruka and Magic mirror ~" has been released. It is a trailer that understands the appearance of "Hottarake island" that is drawn in miscellaneous but finely detailed, tastefully.

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The main character Haruka · Haruka who lost her mother when he was young.

When I was a child, I noticed that I had lost my precious hand-mirrors from my mother.

Haruka will meet a fox at a shrine who went to ask you to find a mirror.

Haruka arriving in the fox will enter "Island of Hottarake".

"Hottarake island" is a place where humans should not enter. Haruka is traveling with a fox, Tezo, to find a mirror.

This is the "island of Hotarake".

In the first place, "Hottarake island" is a mysterious place where residents have gathered treasure that everyone took away. Haruko has met ... ....?

The baron that is catching the island. I realize that there is a human being who is supposed to be staying.

Can Haruka regain the mirror?

The one who plays Haruka is "Oppai Valley" "My Girls Sai Borg"Ayase Haruka, Playing Theo is "CANAAN" role as Canaan role or "Sayonara Zetsubo sensei" role of Kannai · Maria · Tarou roleSawashiro Miyuki. Baron's role is "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" role of Crotowa and "Future Boy Conan" role of Repapa, "World / Mysterious discovery" narrationHeroderma.

By the way, the shrine which is the entrance of "Hottarake island" is the one of Iruma CityIzumo celebratory shrineIs a model, and this story itself is also transmitted near the Izumo celebratory shrine "Inari of HattayaIt seems that motif is the tradition of ".

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